Sunday, August 23, 2009

Theres more to someone on the inside even if its just space because even space has planets

Ha well i think that was a good way to link the picture to the title!!!?
i don't know what i am writing about so just bare with me babe
i just had a flood of happiness after a depressing day it lasted like 3 seconds.
so wrote it all down....
i really don't know where i am going with my life,i am pretty thick or maybe just lazy at school,either way academia is not for me..ever!
I think, i think differently like nothing is in black and white for me i cant really just look at someone then look away a thousand thoughts come to me at once about this person,its odd and annoying.
A boy at school asked me yesterday,if you were any animal with one accessory what would it be..... At first i though fuckk off and nearly walked away but then it crossed me that this boy has nothing mentally wrong with him and he isn't just trying to annoy me.He actually wants to know my answer. My answer was a fox with a animal mask but that's not really my point the reason i answered him was because i realized he just doesn't think like normal people...
yeah he probably wont be a doctor but i tell you what he will be something big,because of the way he thinks,our world needs that.
Then again maybe my flood of happiness has just idolised his situation and maybe he will just become a cleaner because he continues to ask people what animal and accessory they would like to be,maybe he wont be able to apply himself,and will be cast off as another loony.
well good luck in the world john...

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