Sunday, August 9, 2009


We bought a second hand cat. our family has aways had cats in twos: claudius & claudine merlin and jemima bob and jane not this timee thoughhh point in hand, this cat is called MOLLY,thats my name little fuckker. i currently no 5 animals and one person called molly,who is a shop attendent and we got talking becuase we were both shocked the other wasnt A DOG. What i really wanted to talk about was how personalities affect names,names are really just words but its what they mean. hmm for example i know a rat kid called justin,i quite liked that name before i met this bogan.Now the name only makes me feel dirty and slow. wow thats such a bad post but if you make sence of it,then i think you will start to see what i mean more.

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