Saturday, July 25, 2009

A rhino ramble with some pictures

HMMmmm.... i am drafting this on NOTEPAD you know the shittttty version of microsoft office hidden away in accessories yeah visa is crap period. I was aiming for a spell check thats why iam drafting but notepad only comes with font colours !OH YEAH! So indure my bad spelling and grammer pretty. WOOOHOOOO !! WOOOOO WOOOOOOWOOOO HOOO WOOOOOOO YEAH BABY YEAHHHH!!!!1 i just got 2 more followers! god iam happy, i almost gave up on this blog after a week.. dew to the fact no one was reading it ( thank you lucy for reading every installment mwahhh) but my two new followers have just liffted me uP. THANK YOU, THANK FUCKING YOU! I have been thinking. Should i really be swearing so much on this, probz not hey? What would my mum say Swearing on the internet molly! groundedddd! OH SHIT BETTER NOT LEAVE MY COMPUTER AROUND. must now find more powerful words than !"£$%^&*() okay so heres some stunning people at the best partys to make us all feel ugly and uncool,NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


  1. fuck this innittt i'm ugly and fucking uncool fuck itttttttttttttt

  2. Hi!! I'm almost new in the fashion-blogging world too, we can support each other if you want!!! ;)
    Anyway don't worry, i think that you have so much to offer, soon your blog will become one of the big ones!!!
    Maybe you should post outfits too!

  3. notepad BLOOOOOOOOOOOWSSS, i feel your pain
    &the pictures are great
    ...only made me curse my medium length hair
    but great nonetheless